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Don Redding: do patient rights have any meaning?

05.08.2013 - What meaning does a “patient right” have if patients don’t know about it or understand it, and there is no way to check whether they are achieving it?

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Don Redding: do patient rights have any meaning?

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Why Do Migrants’ SRHRs Matter? Why Don’t They?

June 21, 2013 - Talks at the 46th UN Commission on Population and Development (CPD), under the theme New trends in migration: demographic aspects, saw rights-based groups confronting the very narrow views of migration held by conservative groups and affirming the role that sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHRs) play in the lives of migrants, particularly women and girls.

Africa: Better Health, Better Human Rights

June 12, 2013 - New research shows that a highly effective way to control and defeat infectious diseases like AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria is by focusing on the most vulnerable populations. That has big implications for human rights.

Stripping of health care rights

03.06.2013 - Lena is smart and independent, and throughout her long life she lived with her husband on many continents and held professional positions with noteworthy organizations.

Reproductive Health Restrictions Hurt Asian-American Women

01.06.2013 - The American Civil Liberties Union and the ACLU of Arizona filed a lawsuit today on behalf of the NAACP of Maricopa County and the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum (NAPAWF) challenging a state law that relies on harmful racial stereotypes to shame and discriminate against Black women and Asian and Pacific Islander (API) women who decide to end their pregnancies. A version of the following piece by Zeenat N. Hasan, co-founder of the Arizona chapter of NAPAWF originally ran in Arizona Central on April 3, 2013.

A bogus ‘balance’ of health rights

01.03.2013 - The recent discussion of the Department of Health and Human Services’ contraceptive rules has left me worrying that even fairly well educated people are no longer up to the job of carrying on a reasoned debate.

Mental Health Experts Question NY Gun Law

Obama gun push: President Barack Obama will call for Congress to end the sale of certain semiautomatic rifles and high-capacity ammunition magazines and to require background checks to screen gun buyers for criminal violations and serious mental illness, people briefed on his plans said. His proposals will also include actions that he can take by using his executive powers, such as more aggressive prosecution of those who try to buy firearms illegally. WSJ, WP, NYT

UNAIDS Global report 2012

The 2012 report on the global AIDS epidemic contains the latest data on numbers of new HIV infections, numbers of people receiving antiretroviral treatment, AIDS-related deaths and HIV among children.

Health Care Reform Rules Give Patients A New Bill Of Rights

21.11.2012 - Health insurance consumers won’t be discriminated against because of pre-existing conditions, can’t be charged more because of gender and will be guaranteed a basic set of benefits under historic new federal regulations published Tuesday.

Mental illness, choice and rights

20.10.2012 - Until recently, the law treated persons with mental illness not as persons who deserve treatment and care, but as people who are vaguely dangerous.

Работая с зависимостью: доктор Габор Мате объясняет почему доборота и любовь эффективнее наказания

09.09.2012 - Доктор Габор Мате (Gabor Mate) известен в Канаде работой с людьми с очень сильными зависимостями.

When Patients - Not Doctors - Make Medical Mistakes

10.09.2012 - Many patients would not have selected procedures had they been more informed of their choices.

Psychologists argue for the right to prescribe medicines

09.09.12 - Psychologists have traditionally not been allowed to prescribe medications for their patients, but some argue that giving them this right would be better for patients, and is also vital to the future of the profession.

Psychologists argue for the right to prescribe medicines

Psychologists have traditionally not been allowed to prescribe medications for their patients, but some argue that giving them this right would be better for patients, and is also vital to the future of the profession.

Patient Engagement Requires Right IT Tools

July 2, 2012 - Federal and private policy makers are insisting that healthcare providers get patients more involved in their own care, but that’s not going to happen without a careful analysis of your IT strategy.

Patients should have the right to choose death

March 15, 2012 - I have spent countless hours in hospitals. I have visited multiple patients and even had the privilege of speaking with some of them. My father is a doctor and growing up he would bring me along when he had to make his rounds in the hospitals and nursing homes.

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Alzheimer’s group may scrap early…

The Alzheimer’s Association may not offer an early look at highly sought clinical trial data on an experimental drug from Eli Lilly and Co (LLY.N) after news of the impending release led to a jump in the company’s…

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Exercise, Diet, Or Both May…

Women who take part in exercise, diet programs or a combination of the two during pregnancy can prevent excessive weight gain, according to a fresh review of past research.

The review incorporates dozens of new…

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Upcoming Events

Legal Study Presentation: The Rights of Persons with…

On June 12, 2014, the American University of Armenia (AUA)’s LL.M. program, in cooperation with the Civil Society Institute, is holding a presentation of the Legal Study on the Rights of Persons with Mental Disorders in…

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Call for the training “Human rights in patient…

The “Center for rights development” NGO is pleased to announce a call for the training “Human rights in patient care”, designed for the lawyers. The latter will take place on June 9th , at 13:00, in the Legal clinic…

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Laws and Health

This is an extract from the Criminal Code of Republic of Armenia which includes Chapter 16 ("Crimes against life and health") of Special Part,Section 7 ("Crimes against man").


Rule of Law is the requirement that the state provide legal guarantees for rights which uphold the dignity of the individual.

In fact, the rule of law does not have…

Health Care

Measles has become relatively rare in the United States, thanks to very effective vaccine. A recent outbreak tied to Disneyland has shown that even among some doctors, knowledge of the once-common illness is…


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