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Our Partners

Law and Health Initiative in Armenia is proud to present its local, regional and international partners.

We run our activities in Yerevan, capital of Republic of Armenia, but closely cooperate with governmental and non-governmental organizations and agencies throughout Armenia and outside of our republic.


OSI Law and Health Initiative

The OSI Law and Health Initiative (LAHI) was established in 2005 to support legal strategies to advance public health goals worldwide. LAHI works with the Soros Foundations Network and with OSI's HIV/AIDS, harm reduction, palliative care, Roma health, and sexual health programs to promote accountability in health policy and the health and human rights of society's most marginalized persons.

Contact Information
Law and Health Initiative
Open Society Institute
400 West 59th Street
New York, NY 10019
Tel.: +1-212-548-0353


OSI Assistance Foundation in Armenia

The Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation in Armenia (OSIAFA) was established in 1997 to assist democratic transformations and promote the values of an open society, the one characterized by rule of law, democratically elected government, respect for minorities and their rights, vigorous civil society. Towards this end, the OSIAFA has been supporting numerous projects and activities in the field of civil society, law, education, mass media, information, including publishing, electronic communication, support for libraries, public health, women's rights, arts and culture.

Contact Information
Ms. Anaida Papikyan,
Public Health Programs Coordinator
7/1, Tumanyan St. 2-nd cul-de-sac,
Yerevan 0002, Armenia.
Tel./Fax: (+374 10) 533862, 536758

health-rights.orgThis site was created to address the legal, ethical, and human rights norms which are increasingly important to the delivery of quality patient care.
This web site currently unites the country web sites of Armenia, Georgia, Macedonia and Ukraine, with Russia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan coming online soon.

Contact Information

Mrs. Yuliya Gorshkova,
Website Coordinator, "Open Medical Club" Charitable Foundation
Bolshoy prospect P.S. h. 100.,
Business center "Ofisniy dom" office 430
St.Petersburg, Russia, 0002
Tel./Fax: +7 (812) 3353464

LAHI Partner Countries:



Armenian Medical Network

Armenian Medical NetworkArmenian Medical Network, founded in 1998, covers critical public health issues from around the world. It is designed to be a resource for an international audience of policy makers and journalists as well as public health researchers, practitioners, advocates and also for general public.
The information contained on has been collected and/or prepared by AMN as a service to its visitors.

Contact Information

Dr. David Davtyan,
Armenian Medical Network
Tumanyan St.,
Yerevan, Armenia, 0002
Tel./Fax: (+374 10) 570808


Armenian Medical Association

ArMAThe Armenian Medical Association (ArMA), founded in 2002, is a professional union of doctors, biomedical scientists and public health professionals in Armenia. ArMA is a non-profit, non-governmental organization with objectives of promoting high-level medical practice, education and research; fostering advanced ethical behavior by medical professionals; protecting independence and rights of both doctors and patients.

Contact Information
Dr. Parounak Zelveian,
Armenian Medical Association
Abovyan St.,
Yerevan, Armenia
Tel./Fax: (+374 10) 546735


Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Vanadzor Office

HCAVHelsinki Citizens' Assembly Vanadzor office (HCA Vanadzor) was founded on March 21, 1998. The mission of HCA Vanadzor is the promotion and support for civil initiatives on local level, strengthening right protective and peace building activities on local, national and regional levels. The vision of HCA Vanadzor is to form a society where the supreme values are human rights, democracy and peace.

Contact Information
Mr. Arthur Sakunts,
Helsinki Citizens' Assembly Vanadzor Office
59, Tigran Mets St.,
Vanadzor, Armenia
Tel/Fax (+374 322) 42268


Civil Society Institute (CSI)

HCAVCivil Society Institute (CSI) is a non-governmental organization based in Yerevan which aims to assist and promote the establishment of a free and democratic society in Armenia. Established in 1998 and formerly known as Civil Society Development Union, CSI has implemented a series of programs, research and publications surrounding the principles of democracy and human rights.

Contact Information
Mr. Arman Danielyan,
Civil Society Institute
Aygestan 11th str., 43 building,
Yerevan 0025, Armenia
Tel/Fax (+37410) 574317


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Upcoming Events

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